Zürich, 24.07.2015
ECOSPEED - with outstanding data security

Data security is a major issue at ECOSPEED. For this reason, the company has had their software solutions certified by TÜV TRUST IT. The test seal confirms the security of the processes in software development.

Certificate Handover 12.07.2015

The demands with regard to data security in the market have become stricter. To an increasing extent, our customers are also asking for objective verification of software quality and its development process. For this reason, ECOSPEED commissioned TÜV TRUST IT, with head office in Cologne, to check the software development process at ECOSPEED.

A central component of the certification project was an audit of the software development process in which the security measures it includes were analysed. The aim of the analysis was to identify risks relevant to security that would permit an external attacker to endanger the security objectives of ECOSPEED AG and undermine the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the processes and customer data.

To achieve this, tests were carried out in the categories of software design, planning and implementation, IT security, information protection and data protection. Furthermore, the project included a technical examination of the infrastructures used for development and operation.

The result shows that the software development process at ECOSPEED AG is suitable for creating secure software: "ECOSPEED AG meets the requirements of the test catalogue. In the analysis, the portal showed itself to be resistant to attack patterns that are typical for web applications," explains André Zingsheim, project manager at TÜV TRUST IT.

"The test seal is the ideal instrument to enable us to show our customers and partners in a transparent manner that our software solutions are secure and their data are in good hands," explains Thomas Herzberger, Director of Software Development at ECOSPEED AG. "The result of the certification process, however, is not only the test seal but also a great deal of new experience and knowledge which, with our solutions, will ultimately benefit our customers."

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